Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.

About Us

We are fortune fellows limited company registered in the UK t/a Future Aid. We have experienced staff and highly informed consultants, and we are dedicated in helping students all around West Europe and India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Poland e.t.c get a degree in dentistry/medicine. Affiliated by the GDC and GMC without the PLAG test, which allows these students to work in the UK.

We offer low tuition fees from €7000, which can be done in two instalments.

Why Choose Us?

We are there throughout your journey, ensuring comfort and help every step of the way.

We are fair, complete and honest people in all matters of admissions, providing you with tutoring, books, and preparation of tests. We offer a range of packages compatible to the need of every student. Our aim is to support and guide these students helping them have a secure career. We also prepare you for the entry exam
And we have personal contact with universities and open to any enquiries to take you that extra step.