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Our Partners

The Medical University of Plovdiv

Founded in 1945, the medical university of Plovdiv is a modern public university consisting of four schools. (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Healthcare). The university employs over 130 professors and 600 deputy and assistant professors. The university is home to over 3,800 native and international students, studying for courses including bachelor, postgraduate, masters, doctorate, and post-doctorate programmes.

What do the Medicine & Dentistry courses involve?

The Medical University of Pleven

The Medical University of Pleven was founded in 1974 and is generally regarded as one of the best institutions in Bulgaria for studying medicine. Students who come from non-English speaking countries can do an English language course to prepare for their studies. The academic hospital associated with the university boasts state of the art equipment and research facilities. The university campus is a welcoming and vibrant place for students and comes with top of the range accommodation on campus. It is also home to fantastic sports facilities and has its own soccer pitches, basketball courts, and volleyball courts.

The Medical University of Varna

Founded in 1961, The Medical University of Varna is a well-established and recognised medical institution with state of the art scientific and academic facilities for its students and staff. The university offers highly regarded master’s programmes in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health. There are also several postgraduate programmes available with specific focus on the area of diagnostic and therapeutic education. Since 1961, more than 8,351 Bulgarian students and over 977 foreign students, from more than 45 different countries, have graduated from the university. It is home to over 18 professors, 78 deputy professors and 284 assistant professors, many well known in their respective fields of medicine all over the world. The university publishes the scientific magazine “Scripta Scientifica Medica”, a highly regarded academic publication globally. The campus is in the heart of the beautiful city of Varna, recently voted the best city in Bulgaria. The university has a variety of social and sports clubs and all students have access to the state of the art sports facilities.

The Medical University Sofia

The University of Forestry in Sofia was founded in 1925 and is one of the oldest education centres in Bulgaria. The university is home to 51 highly regarded professors over 700 students with a number of graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programmes. The university has a modern library which houses over 100,000 volumes, including books, dissertations, theses and celebrated scientific magazines. Moreover, Sofia is a wonderfully modern and welcoming city where students can have a fantastic time while they study. Sofia is a very affordable city to live in and is packed with many great activities for students and a variety of cultural highlights.